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Happy Soltice! 2010 Highlights

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It’s been a productive couple of years organizing around DF’s mission: to help people make better decisions with the help of evolutionary spiritual technologies that balance logic with intuition (such as divination systems).

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2010 Highlights:

Paulo Perspective — new Advice Column

I was invited to be the advice columnist for both Alternatives (Oregon) and Maui Vision (Hawaii) magazines. “Paulo’s Perspective” is also syndicated on and, of course, It’s an honor and so much fun to give advice that is actually solicited! (go ahead, try me 🙂

Visionary I Ching — a modern version of the ancient oracle

In 2010 we put up our I Ching on the DF website, with a handy look-up feature. Our non-sexist, non-militaristic version of the world’s oldest and wisest book, composed by Charles Jennings and myself in 1989, is featured interactively on to this day. Now students of the divination process can have free access to the text of this wondrous decision-making aid at!

World Reach (Overseas Alliances)

In 2010, I was invited to give talks on intuitive decision making in Portland, Poland and Ecuador. I shared overseas experiences in my blog and we created a few videos too. We’re excited to be connecting with the world wide web in person!

E-book for Sale

The book Divination has been published in electronic format and is currently available for the Kindle, iPad and in PDF format. Check our books section for other formats and to get your copy. Divination explains how divination systems work, what they are good for, what they are not (hint: fortune-telling) and how to get the most out of them for better decisions, better relationships, less stress.

Thanks again for all of your interest and support!

Paul O'Brien
Paul O’Brien
Executive Director, Divination Foundation
Author of Divination: Sacred Tools and co-author of The Visionary I Ching

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