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Divination book — Sample Questions

For Television and Radio Interviewers

Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God explains how divination systems work, what they are good for, what they are not good for (i.e. fortune telling, psychic mind-reading), their origins, history of ongoing persecution by religions, and practical stories of how they are more popular than ever and still helping people to make better decisions, better relationships and less stress.

Author Paul O’Brien is the inventor of interactive divination software and was the founder of, which became the largest astrology and divination website in the world before it was acquired by a large media company in 2007.

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Possible Interview Themes

  • How Divination systems work (archetypes and synchronicity team up to stimulate intuition)
  • Divination vs. Fortune-Telling … Modern Applications of Divination
  • Spiritual Technologies–Where Software and Spirituality Converge
  • O’Brien’s Invention of Divination Software (1989)
  • The Critical Importance of Intuitive Decision Making and Great Timing

Questions re: book Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God

  • Why did you think there was a need for a book about divination?
  • What is “divination”? what does the word mean?
  • Why are divination systems like the I-Ching and Tarot cards more popular now than ever?
  • What is the difference between divination and fortune-telling or psychic readers?
  • How you were introduced to the world of divination?
  • The subtitle of your book is Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God. Is this a religious thing?
  • You are known as “the father of divination software” – how did you come to invent this category of software in 1989?
  • Your Divination book puts the use of divination systems into perspective. Can you summarize the benefits and pitfalls? What is divination best used for?
  • You talk about “going direct” for guidance and that this is a liberating approach to spirituality … how so?
  • Why do you feel that, in this information age, there is a critical need for better decision-making?
  • Why do you think divination’s popularity has continued to increase so much in the last 50 years?
  • The book Divination offers an explanation of how divination systems work. Can you explain this?
  • How common or rare is the occurrence of Synchronicity?
  • You mention that divination can be seen as a way of channeling archetypes … what do you mean?
  • The role of organized religion in supporting, and then later persecuting, divination is a subject of your book; what does the Bible actually say about divination?
  • What kinds of questions do you recommend putting to a divination system like I-Ching or Tarot?
  • How do destiny and fate factor into the equation? (creativity and karma)
  • You explain in your book the adage “timing is everything” ???

Questions about the Divination Foundation (DF), spiritual technology, etc.

  • What is the mission of the Divination Foundation?
  • The DF is classified as an “educational non-profit” … what information or services does it provide?
  • Are there particular kinds of decision-making that the DF focuses on?
  • In the DF mission statement, you use the phrase “spiritual technologies” … what do you mean by that term?
  • Your first book, The Visionary I Ching, is a modern version of an ancient divination system — how is the I Ching integral to the DF?
  • How did you discover the intersection between software and divination? Why did that appeal to you?
  • You founded what became the world’s premier divination and astrology website … how has technology changed the experience of divination in modern times?
  • What motivated you to be an entrepreneur? What was your vision?
  • Are there any real advantages to using a computer for a Tarot card or I Ching reading? If so, what are they?
  • and started as software developed in your basement … when you sold the company it had 6 million members  … what happened???
  • You were motivated to make a living doing something you cared about … so why did you sell the company? How did that happen?
  • After you sold, how was founding a non-profit an extension of your vision of creative freedom?
  • What difference has wealth made in your life?