43: Determination

The persistence of negativity is a factor in human affairs; just when you think some major or minor evil has been uprooted, it will pop up again, sprouting through some crack in the pavement of decent society. Evil need not take extravagant forms, such as those exhibited in Nazi Germany. Garden-variety lies and deceit are more common and persistent, but should also be rooted out diligently. Be resolute against the forces of darkness — whether in your social or professional life or in your own soul. But certain rules must be followed for the effort to succeed.

The first rule: Do not compromise with corruption. Misdeeds and shameful actions must be identified for what they are, and quickly discredited. The second: You cannot successfully resist or defeat negativity on its own terms. Positive alternatives that lead away from the nature of the problem are more successful and appropriate than trying to counter corruption with raw power. The third rule: The means used to counter negativity needs to be consistent with the result you want to achieve. You cannot stop the spreading of lies by spreading more of them.

By adding to the positive elements in a situation, you automatically diminish the bad. This is the only way to tip the scales and effectively neutralize negativity over time. The reminder here is for you to maintain a consistent level of self-awareness while sharing your advantages and virtue with others.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

To press forward when you are not equal to the task would be to invite mistakes and misfortune. Gauge your strength carefully before undertaking a new initiative, and venture only as far as you know you can go with certainty of success. To plunge ahead blindly at the beginning is not skillful, for this is a time when an unexpected setback could produce the most disastrous results. Beware of self-confidence that is not well grounded.

Line 2

To succeed, let your determination include sensitivity, readiness and caution. Expecting the unexpected, move through life with the calm alertness of someone driving through a mountain forest at night, watchful for movements around each new bend in the road. Be optimistic, but be careful. A strong character will triumph in the end.

Line 3

This line points to someone caught in an ambiguous situation, where existing relationships interfere with a struggle against negative forces. In such a situation, you may have to use authority to turn things around, even though others question your motives, with the result that your reputation could become slightly muddied. But if you keep your motivation pure, even association with disruptive influences will leave you free of blame in the end.

Line 4

A restless person with an obstinate attitude meets with misfortune. Failure to heed good advice when confronting antagonistic forces is bound to lead to failure.

Line 5

Uprooting corruption in high places is difficult, and can only be accomplished by a steady and determined effort. Just as weeds spring back to life after they have been chopped down, corruption tends to reemerge even after initial efforts to be rid of it seem to have worked. Only a persevering effort over time can succeed against deeply rooted negative forces.

Line 6 (top line)

The image of this line is of someone who seems to have overcome adversity, and is ready to begin anew. But beware -- the seed of negativity is not dead, and a lax attitude would allow destructive forces to reassert themselves. Thoroughness is required when preparing new soil, so that the remnant seeds of past problems cannot sprout up again. When starting a new project after solving a problem, take care to see that destructive tendencies in your personality are overcome or balanced out at the beginning.