46: Pushing Upward

Natural advancement is represented by growth in springtime, when new plant life pushes upward through the earth. The emphasis is on upward motion, a movement from obscurity to influence, with growth that is supported by adaptability and an absence of obstacles. Constant, flexible growth is the key attribute of a plant pushing upward. This reading suggests a period of promotion and prosperity for you.

The wise person, in harmony with fate, is sensitive but determined. Make a sincere effort to apply a determined effort against the forces of inertia, bending around obstacles that arise, and good fortune will follow. By remaining tolerant and flexible, you will be able to retain the conscious innocence that best fuels growth and advancement. Willpower and self-control are necessary to manage growth properly, but an inner enthusiasm for life is what drives it.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

Advancing with confidence brings good fortune. Just as a tree draws its power from its roots, even humble beginnings can serve as the foundation for great achievement, given the right attitude. Even though new movement may sometimes induce sadness, there is no regret, as you let go of the comforts of the past in favor of the adventurous vitality of creating the future.

Line 2

You may have limited resources, but if you are sincere, your efforts will be appreciated. This changing line suggests that things are in process that point to success and advancement growing out of an inner strength of character, rather than some material advantage.

Line 3

Obstructions that blocked your path may be falling away. Either an easier way is opening up to you, or you have succeeded in finding the line of least resistance. You likely will achieve your immediate goals, but there is no promise of continued good fortune beyond immediate success. This is OK -- too much assurance might only sap you of energy. Be happy with your present success, and just push ahead in a positive upward direction.

Line 4

When lofty goals are achieved, great merit is earned in the world of gods and men. In times of special recognition, strive to make your influence a lasting one. There is no better fortune than to achieve your goals while exerting a lasting positive influence. Remember, deception burns out quickly, but integrity resounds forever.

Line 5

When a level of success is achieved, but further goals lie ahead, keep your head. It is essential to proceed on your path one step at a time. There is great temptation to thoughtlessly skip ahead toward your reward at the end of a long journey, just because a minor first reward has been obtained and it feels so good. Keep your attention riveted on the processes still at work. The rewards will take care of themselves, supporting even more progress on a path of increasing good fortune.

Line 6 (top line)

Those who push blindly toward greater fame, fortune and power are deluding themselves. As a result of recent successes, you may imagine that you will always continue to advance, never to retreat. But such unabashed ambition would lead to exhaustion -- and often embarrassment. The shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is probably a curvy, winding path, so learn to enjoy the scenery.