Dr. Lisa Machoian: Girls of Depression

Lisa Machoian discusses her book, The Disapppearing Girl: Learning the Language of Teenage Depression. There is an epidemic that threatens an entire generation of girls and young women today. It is called depression and, in it’s many forms, it is wreaking havoc on teenage girls. A former Harvard University lecturer and researcher, Dr. Machoian has devoted the past two decades to helping girls survive the desperation of their teenage years. In her role as psychotherapist, teacher, researcher, and consultant, she has witnessed it all: depression, Low self-esteem, loss of identity, cutting, burning, anorexia, bulimia, acting out, running away, and suicide attempts. But during extensive research including clinical study, Dr. Machoian discovered something about these girls that was illuminating: Despite a teenage girl’s downward spiral, which may be self-destructive, she is first and foremost hopeful.


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