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Part of the Divination Foundation’s mission is to educate on the use of spiritual tools that help people be in harmony with their higher selves and, in a very practical sense, make the right moves at the right time. In this section, you will find a collection of information we have received encouraging feedback on.

Don’t forget to put your learning to practice and share your stories to spread more conscious decision-making and happiness. Help us make better thinking as contagious as smiling!

  • Article Library — histories of divination systems including: Astrology, the Tarot, Numerology, the I Ching and Runes.
  • Visionary I Ching — have free access to a modern I Ching that is non-sexist and non-militarist, poetic and positive … learn how to cast your own reading to activate your Mind’s own divine faculty — your intuition.
  • Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God, the book — now available in e-book format and on the Kindle! Browse Paulo’s introduction and overview of the classical divination systems and how they can enhance your life.


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