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In my next book – – Great Decisions, Perfect Timing – – I share the story of how, during the self-discovery stage of my life, I discovered and pursued an interest in two things that utterly fascinated me – – the I Ching and the multimedia aspect of interactive software. Never did I imagine that following these two fascinations would result during the second stage of my life in the invention of the first I Ching software program, followed by other divination systems, and ultimately the world’s largest astrology and divination website!

The process of writing this book, and the personal reflection that it calls forth in me, has taught me that my youthful fascinations turned out to be keys to my destiny and mission in this lifetime. Now, I need your help: I would like to know if anything you were fascinated with in your life turned out to have held the seeds of life changes for you.

Please send me an email telling me — in strictest confidence — what were one or two of your fascinations during the first 30 years of your life? Did they end up making a difference with regard to your calling or livelihood? If you are under 30, what is inspiring you now and what fascinates you enough that it could possibly have an impact on your future calling?

Everything that you share with me will be held in strictest confidence. In those cases where I think we could develop a good illustrative anecdote, we will contact you to interview you further and possibly ask your permission to include your story in my upcoming book. Furthermore, we will publish some of the best of these in a blog format for the benefit of anyone via this website,.

For those of you who take a minute, thank you so much for your help!

An interest (or two) that fascinated you before you were 30:

How this fascination has played out what you have done with your life so far:

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