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Video Chats with Paul O'Brien

Join us for our new learning and manifestation video series where we share conversations with author, inspirational speaker and founder, Paul O'Brien, on a variety of topics ranging from his discovery of the I Ching to how you can use divination to improve your quality of life and decision making skills.

Paul O'Brien has been hosting Pathways Radio for over 25 years, an interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation, author of the acclaimed Divination book, and authors the syndicated advice column Paulo's Perspective and the Decision Maker's Corner blog, both dedicated to coaching people on enlightened decision making.

Open Minds: Art of Divination with Paul O’Brien on Gaiam TV

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Since the beginning of time, many systems have been developed to connect with the divine and reveal the mysteries of what is yet to come. In our modern era, we have unprecedented access to these tools and their practical use to gain divine insight. Paul O’Brien, author of Divination offers an overview of the history and use of divination in this insightful interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast August 6, 2013. This is just a short segment of the program. To view the rest of the program, register for Gaiam TV’s  10-day free trial!


Leveraging Sychronicity in Decision Making

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The Synchronicity Principle was one of Carl Jung’s greatest discoveries in psychology. It’s one thing (and profoundly helpful) to know about it, to be aware of it, but how can we take advantage of it? In this short video interview, Paulo presents some new ways of thinking about it, which will be expounded upon in his upcoming book (Sept 2013) Great Decisions, Perfect Timing.

Intuition – The Sixth Sense

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In this short video interview, Paulo discusses the nature of intuition and major challenges we have in accessing this wonderful sense that is so valuable for visionary decision-making.

Paulo’s Discovery of the I Ching

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Paul O’Brien, who went on to develop the world’s first divination software program in 1988-89, explains how divination systems work and how he became fascinated with the I Ching when he was a teenager