2nd Saturn Cycle begins age 29

Your second Saturn Cycle begins around age 29 or 30. By now (depending upon your emotional maturity), you will have learned as much as you could about what you like and what you are good at (and, for some of us, who you want to live with).

The first Saturn cycle stage of life is about learning as much as you can, especially about yourself. The second stage is about being productive, which requires some commitment (although this does not have to be a commitment to something new … it could be renewed commitment to something you are already doing).

During this stage, you do those things you discovered you care about and want to do — whether it be raising a family, developing a career, starting a business, non-profit work … whatever. You know who you are … the sun of self-acceptance is shining, you do the best you can to produce a meaningful life for yourself … and you make hay while that sun shines!

Alice Bailey, a mystical writer in the 1930’s, wrote something that helped me not be overly anxious when I was beginning Stage 2. Somewhere in one of her many books, she wrote that the average human is not clear about her or his mission in this lifetime until about age 35. I was 30 when I read that and I breathed a huge sigh of relief! (It was not until I was 38 that I discovered my mission, which was to invent and develop divination software.)

Next: Stage 3. This is the one that I’m just starting — the ‘Give-Back’ Stage.