Am I a Mistake?

I am 21yrs old and my mother always tells me that I was a mistake. Does she hate me because she has not made peace with it?

– Aumer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Aumer, hatred is a strong word, but to tell anyone that she is ‘a mistake’ is to imply that she has no right to exist. Whatever her reasons, this is wrong and terrible parenting!

We don’t know why she is doing this, or what her perceptions are. Maybe insulting you is her way of pushing you out of the the nest??? Whatever she is doing, her choice of words indicates that she has a problem accepting life as it is — including you and herself too.

It’s not your job to take care of your mother, and the way she takes her problems out on you indicates that she needs psychological help. This is not your problem … or, rather, it is only your problem for as long as you are dependent upon her (including inside your head).

Really, about the only thing you can do is emancipate yourself. Even after leaving ‘home’, it’s hard to get free from the negative messages we have received from parents, but with some serious grieving work it can be done (whether you want to think of yourself as ‘an orphan’ or not is optional). Don’t try to help your mother — there’s nothing much you can do other than gently encourage her to get help. Take this as a signal that it’s time to take care of yourself.

3 thoughts on “Am I a Mistake?

  1. Truly wise words, Paul. Aumer, there is a world out that that will love you! So many of us have had negative parents. Just tonight I was listening to a young neighbor who was telling me of his mother’s cruel treatment when he was a young boy. She passed of cancer ten years ago, he’s in his thirties, and he is still trying to figure out why she did the things she did. Spread your wings and go find your true friends!

  2. Dear Aumer,
    It is no mistake that you exist, and it is because of your existance that you must know that you are the part of some special and cosmic plan. In this infinite posibility that is the universe you are important and necessary as a player in life.
    (havent written Zulu for a long time sorry if it is not right, i meant be well)

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