Another new kind of report — by Tad Mann

We are excited to announce the launch of Tad Mann?s new Feng Shui Astro Location report on

Starting with my admiration of his work, Tad and I became friends long ago. He’s one of the smartest divination guys I know. I feel confident that this report will be a valuable addition to our offerings.

To create this report, Tad drew on his phenomenal range of knowledge and experience. In addition to expertise in Astrology and Tarot (he is the author of our Mandala Astrology Tarot readings), he is also an architect and has written and been published widely on sacred architecture, sacred gardens and ecological design. He is the author of 18 books and a great golfer (I think he must be using his Feng Shui wisdom to beat me on the course).

All kidding aside, this unique new report combines Tad?s Feng Shui and astrological wisdom in a way that?s completely personalized, based on both your birth chart and the location of your current residence. The report gives detailed, easy-to-implement advice about how to create a home or office space that enhances all areas of your life. Tad is a cool guy and this is cool stuff … enjoy!