Bali bound (but not gagged) O’Brien

The other day I taped an interview with Nancy Whitney-Reiter, author of the new book Unplugged, which is written for young urban professionals, a kind of how-to-find-yourself-by-dropping-out-for-a-while book. Nancy was a delightful guest on my Pathways Program (half-hour interview now available for your listening pleasure at and she was highly inspirational too.

As someone who is himself going through a major life transition right now — i.e. my “semi-retirement” from most of my roles as founder of — Nancy’s ideas reminded me of a two-year sabattical ‘pilgrimage’ I took when I was 30 y/o … and also of the fact that I should probably take off again now to rediscover who I am — outside of all the roles I am so used to playing at work and in life.

How about an astrology conference in Bali? Wow … the perfect short-term opportunity is upon me — in the form of the Heaven and Earth Astrology Conference, starring my good friends and’s own astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. This 9-day conference is R&J’s second one in Bali, where conferences are hosted by the wonderful Evelyn Roberts, a truly gifted astrologer herself.

Spending three weeks in beautiful Bali promises to be an excellent “unplugging” opportunity for me, and to spend it in the company of 20 or so others who appreciate divination will be even more heavenly. And just for fun, I will be reporting from Bali and the conference via this blog during the first half of October.