Bali Bound (part 3)

Unplugged. Conference day 3.

By now I have settled into a laid back routine, shedding old patterns of busy-ness in this land of ?rubber time? (a Balinese expression translates as this, referring to how flexible they are ? or their lack of timeliness ? depending upon how you look at it :-).

So far, in the first few days here at the Heaven & Earth conference, we been taught by our masters R&J the fundamentals of astrology ? including the planets, the signs, and the houses (?the what, the how, the where?). Most educational for me are the houses.

Even though the 12 houses correspond with the 12 signs, they are about the place of things ? i.e. where an energy is manifesting. The planet is an aspect of me, the sign is how I manifest this aspect, and the house is where this is happening in my life. For instance ? since my Jupiter is in Aquarius in the 6th house, my personal growth (Jup.) comes about through idealistic (Aqu.) service (6th hse) to humanity. My sun (self) is in Gemini (communications) in the 10th house (the place of career in my life). The fact is that I have made my living communicating with millions of people.

FYI, Evelyn?s conference is being attended by some 20 people from all over the world: Germany, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Scotland, and different parts of the USA.