Bali Bound (part 4)

I-Ching guy gets educated by masters of astrology:
My divination expertise has always been the I-Ching, which I have used and loved and studied since I was a teen in 1969. My claim to fame is as the inventor of ?interactive divination software? in 1989 ? specifically an I-Ching program for the Mac that I named ?Synchronicity.? And my co-authorship of the I-Ching text that is on to this day.

What is now started as, a website that I set up to market my I-Ching software program in 1996, as well as the TarotMagic CD-Rom in 1997. It was not until 2001 that we offered individual readings via the web, establish the Karma Coin economy, etc. and not until two years later that I acquired the domain name. It was inevitable that we would add horoscopes and astrology in 2003, which brought me into partnership with Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer.

Growing up in SF, I also had always paid attention to astrology and used it socially, but never really studied it, learned how to read charts, etc.

How glad and grateful I am to now count as friends and teachers two of the world?s most profound (and often funny) psychologically oriented astrolgers. Rick the Aries is spontaneously brilliant. Between groaner jokes, Jeff the Taurus shares his deep understanding of the planets and signs with the fervor of a preacher. Part of these kind of multi-day seminars is group interpretation of attendees? charts. How fascinating is the variety of configurations we all have! And the practice of such collective interpreting upgrades the astrological intelligence of everyone here.

Yesterday, Jeff noted that ?when you get in the habit of interpreting symbols, you become more intuitive.? This reminded me of my book Divination ? and non-profit site, ? which support the development of intuitive decision-making skills in order to achieve your heart?s desires and your highest goals. Anything (like coming to a conference or even using that upgrades our intuitive acuity is very cool indeed!