Stage 3: The Joy of Giving Back

Saturn’s orbit is approximately 29 years, so your third Saturn cycle begins around age 58. Now that I have reached this stage, I call it my “third act” … and it’s about sharing, supporting and teaching. Now, of course, these “stages” are … Read More & Listen »

2nd Saturn Cycle begins age 29

Your second Saturn Cycle begins around age 29 or 30. By now (depending upon your emotional maturity), you will have learned as much as you could about what you like and what you are good at (and, for some of us, who … Read More & Listen »

Work v.s. Other Passions

Hi Paulo, My dilemma is should I be exerting more effort in this business I’m currently in and try to work on my passions simultaneously, or should I try to wind this one down as I search for something else like aRead More & Listen »

Saturn Returns – Stages of Life

Recently I gave a talk to the student body of NW Academy, a special Portland high-school for the arts. The title of my talk was “Do What You Love and the Freedom Will Follow.” In it I mapped human life into three … Read More & Listen »

Is God Punishing Me?

About a year ago my family and I were staying at a homeless shelter. We had a lot of challenges before we could achieve self-sufficiency. During this time we fixed a lot of things in our lives, such as getting our driver’sRead More & Listen »

Am I a Mistake?

I am 21yrs old and my mother always tells me that I was a mistake. Does she hate me because she has not made peace with it? – Aumer, Johannesburg, South Africa Aumer, hatred is a strong word, but to tell anyone … Read More & Listen »

Outside Looking In

Dear Paulo, The more I discover my spiritual self, the more I find myself out of the mainstream of life. Almost as if I’m outside looking in at everyone else. Is that supposed to happen? — Ahnighta in Kalamazoo, Michigan If by … Read More & Listen »

friendship confusion

Dear Paulo, I’m troubled over a friendship matter. It’s confusing, as this friend seems to be loving one moment then turns into an iceberg the next, and always fails to reply to my mail. But whenever we meet up during gatherings (twiceRead More & Listen »

Death Camp

How is it that you can feel grateful for an experience that leaves you feeling seriously dispirited — depressed even — for a long while? Such was the result of my tour of the infamous Auschwitz Death Camp in southern Poland, an … Read More & Listen »

Krakow Kronicles

Finally, I fulfilled a long-held dream to visit Poland, the land of my foremothers (yes, this half-Irish O’Brien is also half Polish). I write from the charming old city of Krakow in southern Poland. Krakow’s main feature is its large central square, … Read More & Listen »