Krakow Kronicles

Finally, I fulfilled a long-held dream to visit Poland, the land of my foremothers (yes, this half-Irish O’Brien is also half Polish). I write from the charming old city of Krakow in southern Poland. Krakow’s main feature is its large central square, … Read More & Listen »

Love the Job You’re With

Dear Paulo, I have a mental dilemma that I could use some help or guidance in understanding. I am a business coach who loves what he does. I have put a lot of time, money and focus on being a business coachRead More & Listen »

Reading Other People

Dear Paulo, I would very much like to improve my ability to read other people. To quickly find/understand their motivations, desires, and weaknesses. The solution may or may not be spiritual, but I’m willing to try anything..” -– Sam, 27, in SeattleRead More & Listen »

The New Economics of True Wealth

Recently, I interviewed the author of a new book everyone in America should read as soon as possible. Titled Plenitude — The New Economics of True Wealth, this book by Boston College sociology professor Juliet Schor is a positive and practical treatment … Read More & Listen »

You Are Not Your Job

Dear Paulo, I’m one of the large number of people here in the city who lost an executive job several months ago. At age 55 this is the first time in my life I have ever been fired for anything. I haven’tRead More & Listen »

Suzanne Whang, Actress Activist

Recently, when I was in Southern California to interview Daphne Rose Kingma, author of “The Future of Love,” I had the great good fortune to meet with with Suzanne Whang, who had interviewed me on Karma Air some months before. What a … Read More & Listen »

My Simple Brother

In this moment of writing, I am happily ensconced in a rustic studio on a fresh little trout pond in the Santa Ynez valley (CA), where I am visiting one of my (3) younger brothers. First of all, this part of the … Read More & Listen »

Does God Have a Future?

Just watched a most excellent debate on the question “Does God Have a Future” on Nightline, which took place last March 14 at Caltech, between Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston on the side representing spiritual mysticism, and Sam Harris and Michael Shermer … Read More & Listen »

Help me with new Advice Column

This is a call for a little help. I’ve been asked to audition for a new Advice Column in a spiritually-oriented alternative magazine. So, now I am asking you to pretend I’m Dear Abby and ask me for some decision-making or personal … Read More & Listen »