Compassion for true victims

What a great discussion in the last blog of how we humans can create victimness for ourselves … and thank you to all who made such insightful comments!

Not all victimness is self-made, and even though I focused

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Ever feel like a ‘victim’?

It’s easy to feel like a victim, especially these days, when the economy is bad and the world seems to have so many big problems. We can always come up with lots of ‘reasons’ to justify feeling like a victim. And, of … Read More & Listen »

Dolphin Envy

This morning my friends Liz and Mario, who live here on this beautiful isle of Maui, took me to a secret bay where it is possible to swim out to a tribe (is that a ‘pod’?) of spinner dolphins. It’s early mornings … Read More & Listen »

You can’t trust your feelings (most of them :-)

Ever been advised to “trust your feelings”? After all, isn’t this the way people make all kinds of decisions — including important ones like who to marry, when to quit your job, etc.? Ah, yes … we’ll jump right in if the … Read More & Listen »

Paulo’s Discovery of the I Ching Paul O’Brien, who went on to develop the world’s first divination software program in 1988-89, explains how divination systems work and how he became fascinated with the I Ching when he was a teenager

How We Benefit from Social Networks

We now live with humongous online social networks, but human beings have always had them — in fact, it is one of the very things that defines being “human.” Or so says a book I just finished, which is a must read … Read More & Listen »

Notes from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am visiting the largest (and very large) city in Argentina, which is a good place to witness the devastation of prolonged economic recession (here, punctuated by military rule at times). Given its location on the Rio de la

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Love and Non-Attachment in Argentina

Mataji Indra Devi was one of the world’s greatest yoga teachers, often referred to as “the first lady of Yoga” for her successful efforts at introducing yoga to America in the early 1950’s. In Argentina, where I am visiting her yoga foundation,

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