What does “success” really mean?

Like all of my work (including the creation of with Jessica Abel and Jewel Mlnarik), my next book — tentatively titled “Great Decisions, Perfect Timing” — is about helping people to achieve personal success in life.

We all want success. But

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Have you chosen your beliefs lately?

Our beliefs are the operating assumptions of our lives. If your beliefs are built around ‘articles of faith’, that does not automatically mean they are not useful to you, it just means that you never personally ‘chose’ them. You inherited them or

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How strong are your convictions?

In my last blog, I wrote that I “choose” to believe in reincarnation. Like so many things we believe, I cannot prove it, so therefore it becomes a “choice” to believe it. Oh, sure, I choose it on the basis of the

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Changing your Karma

In my last blog, I was discussing what the book Outliers brought up for me about the interplay between one’s karma — which is responsible for one’s current life, choice of parents, general conditions and many things that come up — and

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Is it Karma or Dharma? — about Outliers

Recently I finished Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book, which opened my mind to the balance between karma and dharma, when it comes to great achievement in life.

We assume that the most successful people are those who are

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The spiritual tragedy of Michael Jackson

How do you sum up somebody’s life? Considering that most people live the equivalent of multiple lifetimes in this one — with multiple careers, multiple partners, etc. — we simply cannot really summarize the constant inflow and outflow of yin and yang,

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Iceland is cool

The last stop on my recent European tour was Iceland, a volcanic country of humongous lava fields, with a few towns and cities scattered here and there, more powered by geothermal energy than anywhere and featuring whale sashimi in some of the

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