One happy family in Denmark

On my last evening in Aarhus, Denmark, I had the honor of celebrating the 25th marriage anniversary of Dorthe and Caspar Koch, my hosts in this lovely Danish city by the sea, along with their three college-aged children and a couple of

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Divining Norway

Just completed 5 days in Norway, probably the most economically sound country on earth and, from my experience, one of the happier ones also. This is one of the only countries in the world that has ZERO national debt, while managing to … Read More & Listen »

Book Show, Now Norway

Not to be supremely trite, but I do love New York! It was so great to be there — the weather was superb, my agent David Nelson did a magnificent job moving us toward an I-Ching book deal, and I treated myself

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New York, New York

The days after a warm sunny Memorial Day, it is misty grey and cool in NYC where I sit in the Milburn Hotel on the upper West Side. I love this unpretentious place of small suites with little kitchenettes, and just around

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Happy Birthday Hans Decoz!

Today (May 15) is Hans Decoz’s birthday. I have special reason to celebrate. Ten years ago Hans called me up out of the blue to suggest that develop internet Numerology reports based on his lifelong research as a master numerologist. I

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In praise of good mothers

Even though the consciousness of humanity has evolved in many ways, the concept of parenting as a sacred ‘calling’ is almost as rare as ever. Historically in our patriarchal societies, children (and women as well) were seen as property, and not so

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Thinking about Earth Day

This Earth Day has gotten me thinking about what I do as an individual to help preserve the environment and encourage sustainable use of our natural resources. Yes, I already drive a Prius, buy organic food, and recycle all my paper, cans,

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The Venus Talk

This past weekend I attended a 3-day cleansing/fasting retreat hosted by famous author John Gray (“Men are from Mars …”) at his ranch in Mendocino, CA. Hey, I like to eat … and I’m not that big on fasting, even though I

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Tad Mann’s visit to

A.T. ‘Tad’ Mann, one of’s interesting authors, came to visit us this last week from his home in Hudson, NY. Tad is the author of’s Astro-Location Feng Shui report and our Mandala Astrological Tarot report, based on two of the

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Who needs organized religion?

Although many think that divination is fortune-telling, authentic divination systems — including the I Ching, Tarot as well as applications of Astrology and Numerology — are not primarily focused on the future, but on the management of change in the present moment. … Read More & Listen »