Hierarchy of Values

Was in San Francisco a couple weeks ago to see my mother and attend a talk by Dr. John Demartini (which I took her to … she loved him) … and was fortunate to spend some time with John and also tape

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Bali Bound (part 5)

The Bali astrology conference with Rick and Jeff has come to an end. Everyone has learned a lot.

A few thoughts about our hosts, the Balinese people. Even though Indonesia is an Islamic nation, 90% of the residents of this particular small

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Bali Bound (part 4)

I-Ching guy gets educated by masters of astrology:
My divination expertise has always been the I-Ching, which I have used and loved and studied since I was a teen in 1969. My claim to fame is as the inventor of ?interactive

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Bali Bound (part 3)

Unplugged. Conference day 3.

By now I have settled into a laid back routine, shedding old patterns of busy-ness in this land of ?rubber time? (a Balinese expression translates as this, referring to how flexible they are ? or their lack of

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Bali Bound (part 2)

At home in the rice paddies.

Arrived a couple days ago. Even though I missed out on some sleep, I had virtually no jet lag, or head cold ? that dadgum HumidiFlyer really works!

The Heaven and Earth Astrology conference got started

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Bali bound (but not gagged) O’Brien

The other day I taped an interview with Nancy Whitney-Reiter, author of the new book Unplugged, which is written for young urban professionals, a kind of how-to-find-yourself-by-dropping-out-for-a-while book. Nancy was a delightful guest on my Pathways Program (half-hour interview now available for

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The cost of clinging to our beliefs

Often as I go out and about I am asked the question: “Do you really believe in this divination stuff?” The answer I give leads me to think about the nature of beliefs and our faith in them, something I touch on

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The divine in divination

As we discussed in the previous thread, authentic divination practice is not asking God to predict or create a certain glorious future for us. It is, rather, the skillful management of omnipresent Change in the present. Where the “God” part comes in

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Divination using a computer — can it be real?

When the idea of divination software first occurred to me (1987), even though I was not prejudiced against computers, I was concerned about whether PCs could truly be programmed to facilitate authentic I-Ching (and later Tarot) experiences for people. (I tell the

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