The divine in divination

As we discussed in the previous thread, authentic divination practice is not asking God to predict or create a certain glorious future for us. It is, rather, the skillful management of omnipresent Change in the present. Where the “God” part comes in

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Divination using a computer — can it be real?

When the idea of divination software first occurred to me (1987), even though I was not prejudiced against computers, I was concerned about whether PCs could truly be programmed to facilitate authentic I-Ching (and later Tarot) experiences for people. (I tell the

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The Modern Face of Divination

Welcome to’s new blog section. It’s going to be fun to communicate on a personal level with members, people that I resonate with!

Divination is a word that I love, and a word that few people understand. It refers to

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How to Consult the I Ching

An ancient method for casting an I Ching reading involved a relatively laborious process of sorting fifty stem stalks of the yarrow plant. A more modern method uses a series of coin tosses using three identical coins (copper pennies will work) with … Read More & Listen »