Channeling Your Inner Sovereign

No matter what you do, think of yourself as the Chief Executive (CEO) of your life. I am referring to that part of you that consciously makes all your strategic decisions. Hopefully a Visionary Decision Making practice is helping you make the … Read More & Listen »

Intuitive Intelligence

The subtitle of my new book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, is “Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence.” Accessing intuitive intelligence is the central component of the Visionary Decision Making process: after all, intuition stimulates the impetus to make a decisive move, do nothing at … Read More & Listen »

My New Book—Why I Wrote Great Decisions, Perfect Timing

My newest book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing: Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence (coming out Feb. 19, 2015) is many things: an autobiography, a guide on how to improve decision-making and timing and some philosophy — rolled into one. Above all, its composition, which took … Read More & Listen »

Channeling Archetypes for Creativity and Power

Carl Jung’s work with archetypes was one of his groundbreaking contributions to psychology. He defined universal archetypes as psychic blueprints that lend form to how human beings perceive, interpret and respond to situations and relationships. Archetypes are an energy resource that we … Read More & Listen »

How to Channel Creative Power

No need to beg. Whatever your heart desires, you will realize it more easily by means of a skillful invocation. Twenty years ago I developed a Creative Manifestation Treatment based on an old Religious Science template, and use it to facilitate manifesting … Read More & Listen »

Recovering from Fake Friendship

Friendships usually begin by meeting someone at work or school or in a social group. You are open to new people, discover that you have something in common with some of them and decide to enhance the experience of common interests with … Read More & Listen »

Stinking Thinking Can Ruin Your Day

In this age of anxiety, multitasking, and myriad distractions, it’s easy to overindulge in too much thinking … even when you don’t want to. We dwell on the past, worry about the future, second-guess ourselves—sometimes endlessly. Against this epidemic of stinking thinking, … Read More & Listen »

Perfect Timing

Have you ever passed up something that was good in the hopes that something more perfect might come along? Do you find it difficult to tell the difference between a risk worth taking and wishful thinking? How many times has trusting your … Read More & Listen »

Success on Your Own Terms

A new year is upon us — both solar and lunar (Chinese) versions. Some common rites this time of year include setting goals and making resolutions. My next book — Great Decisions, Perfect Timing — is about how to activate intuition and … Read More & Listen »