Dalai Lama Teaches Me Freedom from Suffering

The Dalai Lama recently visited Portland, Oregon for a four-day summit. His entourage stayed in the hotel below the condo where I live. A supporter of Tibetan culture, I was asked by the local Tibetan Rinpoche if I could help sponsor the … Read More & Listen »

Finding Joy in Three Stages

In my previous blog, I introduced the idea of dividing life into three stages and we looked at Stage One of Self-Discovery and Training. According to the Visionary Decision Making system, this is the time to discover and develop your natural … Read More & Listen »

What Fascinates You?

In my next book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, I divide life into three stages. The first stage is Self-Discovery, starting at birth and lasting until your first Saturn Return (around 29.5 y/o). Stage One is about learning who you are, what you … Read More & Listen »

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New Connexion

Leveraging Sychronicity in Decision Making

The Synchronicity Principle was one of Carl Jung’s greatest discoveries in psychology. It’s one thing (and profoundly helpful) to know about it, to be aware of it, but how can we take advantage of it? In this short video interview, Paulo presents … Read More & Listen »

Intuition – The Sixth Sense

In this short video interview, Paulo discusses the nature of intuition and major challenges we have in accessing this wonderful sense that is so valuable for visionary decision-making.