Unleash the Magic of Archetypes

by ‘Paulo’ O’Brien

In the mystical realm of the “collective unconscious” (see my book), archetypes are like celestial roadmaps that guide you on life’s transformative journey.

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Entering the Year of the Rabbit

Each new year marks a moment of transition to put the past behind us and embrace the possibility of change and hope for the future. The Western new year celebrations are over, but the Chinese Lunar new year begins January 22, 2023 (the date

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Turning Anxiety into Hope

As a sensitive young child, I thought how wonderful it would be if I could learn a skill I thought of as “mood control.” I imagined there were evolved beings who had their emotional states under control. I hoped

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Year of the Tiger

For the second year in a row (and hopefully for the last time), the Divination Foundation will not be hosting our festive annual Chinese New Year’s party in Portland … yet another casualty of this ongoing pandemic. But we can

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Reparenting your inner child

“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lives the adult that will be” – John Connolly 

Childhood legally ends at age eighteen, but childlike parts remain active

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Year of the Ox

This year’s Ox shakes off the shifty Rat
Happy Lunar New Year! Most of us are not sorry to see the last year end. The global pandemic impacted the lives of every person on the planet, along with unprecedented political

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Resolutions this year? Maybe not.

As we enter into a new year, the tradition is to make resolutions to accomplish some things that we were perhaps unable to do in the past: lose weight, save money, quit smoking, eat better, get organized, learn a language, start a … Read More & Listen »

Let the I Ching Guide You Through Uncertainty

We live in an age of high anxiety, perhaps higher than ever during a pandemic. Humans have always had plenty of reasons to feel insecure, but things seem qualitatively different now. Rapid change, and the uncertainty that accompanies it,

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Trust Your Intuition in Response to Corona

Imagine an invisible enemy that can invade and destroy your body, unwittingly brought to you by a friend. It’s as if we are living a horror movie, and nobody knows the ending. It’s a strange movie and the popcorn tastes of hand sanitizer. … Read More & Listen »

Try Some Self-Compassion For A Change

Those of us who pay attention to the spiritual dimensions of life know about compassion, one of the most important forms of loving-kindness. Validating modern psychotherapy’s latest findings, the Dalai Lama reminds us that compassion can positively re-wire the mind. Simply put, … Read More & Listen »