Who needs organized religion?

Although many think that divination is fortune-telling, authentic divination systems — including the I Ching, Tarot as well as applications of Astrology and Numerology — are not primarily focused on the future, but on the management of change in the present moment. … Read More & Listen »

The Soulmate Secret

At Tarot.com, we are aware of the fact that approx 2/3 of the anonymous queries into our free Tarot features are on the subject of relationships — both by folks that are in one and those that are not — approx 50/50

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A Hot Springs New Year’s event

Just got back from Rick and Jeff’s annual New Year’s Astrology conference at Breitenbush Hot Springs in the old-growth forests of central Oregon … so far out there, I couldn’t get cell phone or even radio reception!

I’ve been going to Breitenbush

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Beating the Projection-Denial cycle

My “living from the inside out” is not a new idea, just my feeling-oriented way of describing some well-known principles of psychology (and therapy). It feels like you are coming from the inside, kind of like throwing side-arm.

There is a term

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Living From the Inside Out

Living from the Inside Out is the tentative title of the new book I’m writing (my first was entitled Divination — see my non-profit Divination.com for reviews, etc). This next one teaches the intricacies of my Manifestation Practice — a system

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Solution to the Resolutions problem

OK, here is how I solved the problem of not making and keeping agreements (see resolutions) with myself: I created a shorter term “Monthly Personal Agreements” system that only bit off the period from the first Sunday of a month to the

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The trouble with New Year’s resolutions

The beginning of a new year is a natural time for new beginnings, including new habit formation … everybody knows that. But there is a built-in problem with New Year’s resolutions, which makes them virtually impossible to keep! Why is that? I

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Gratitude overcomes “Arctic Blast 2008″

For the last week, I have been more or less confined to my condo, unable to drive the streets of Portland. Like much of America right now, Portland is freezing up and has been for the past several days. Temperatures that don’t

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Hierarchy of Values

Was in San Francisco a couple weeks ago to see my mother and attend a talk by Dr. John Demartini (which I took her to … she loved him) … and was fortunate to spend some time with John and also tape

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Bali Bound (part 5)

The Bali astrology conference with Rick and Jeff has come to an end. Everyone has learned a lot.

A few thoughts about our hosts, the Balinese people. Even though Indonesia is an Islamic nation, 90% of the residents of this particular small

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