Develop Your Visionary Potential

Both businesses I founded had “visionary” in their name (Visionary Software and Visionary Networks). Now we have the Visionary I Ching app. From the start of my entrepreneurial career, I called myself “Chief Visionary Officer,” because I saw myself primarily as an inventor. Obviously, the word “visionary” has long packed meaning and power for me. Nowadays, it has become a fashionable word, if only for marketing.

Writing my book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing, made me wonder if the visionary capacity – including an ability to practice my Visionary Decision-Making (VDM) processes – is really available to everyone. It starts with holding to a vision that can “inspire you to take the risks that grow you when the timing is right.” VDM is simply beyond many people because most people are too busy and distracted to think outside the box of their beliefs.

In truth, a highly visionary capacity is available to everyone … eventually. I wrote the book to serve both those who are already becoming intuitively adept and those who want to. Each of us certainly has a capacity for vision, even if few of us dissolve the box of our thinking.

How can a person develop their visionary capacity? Well, for one thing, you can improve your skill at envisioning novel results by practicing active imagination. In other words, “think different” … and think bigger. That’s how I created the first interactive divination software (which culminated in,, and now the Visionary I Ching app).

My book shows how to channel and focus Creative Power—the archetype that is first hexagram of the I Ching. This is divine power resource that is always there for you. Through active imagination, dreams and daydreams, Creative Power generates insights and visions. As the nursery school rhyme chants, “life is but a dream.” Yes, but it is a dream that you are creating with and for yourself. Surround yourself with objects or people that inspire you, like favorite music, time with a loved one, or meditating quietly with nature. Doing what inspires you will cultivate intuitive intelligence and creative powers.

You might ask: How do I be sure that my vision is real rather than wishful thinking or fantasies of my ego? In order to be sure that a vision is in alignment with who you are at depth, you can use the “heart-check” method. A trustworthy vision will connect mind, heart and soul. For some, success takes the form of a harmonious and loving family life. For others, it could translate into a strong sense of mission or purpose related to one’s vocation, or some competitive victory on behalf of a partnership, family, tribe or entire world.

As we move toward a more evolved society that spawns dreams of greater creative freedom, the ability to formulate and realize the visionary capacity becomes more essential for individuals and society. Developing your visionary potential and increasing creative freedom is part of your legacy to future generations. As we cultivate intuitive intelligence and evolve toward our human potential, we make it easier for all those who follow us. This is the path of healing the planet as well as ourselves.