Divining Norway

Just completed 5 days in Norway, probably the most economically sound country on earth and, from my experience, one of the happier ones also. This is one of the only countries in the world that has ZERO national debt, while managing to take care of virtually all of its citizens in all kinds of proactive ways (of course, lots of off-shore oil managed for the peoples benefit by a liberal government, rather than by avaricious corporations, doesn’t hurt!). Pay scales are considerably higher here too — as they must be, with hamburgers in restaurants listed for $25 — which hinted at America’s emerging status as a third-world country (at least compared to Europe).

I was the guest of Oslo’s new age hub, called Unity Center, where manager Einar and his lovely partner Susanne not only hosted my talk, but also went out of their way to make me feel at home the rest of my time in Norway. The Unity Center is one of the most active alternative healing centers anywhere, with some 30 or so practitioners of all stripes — from chiropractors to psychotherapists, body-mind healers to hypnotherapists.

My talk was about spiritual decision-making techniques, which gave me a chance to test the contents of next year’s book, which is going to be about how to balance one’s personal karma with superior decisions and making the right moves at the right time (with the help of skillful divination, of course). The class went very well and I was invited to come back again (I will do that!)

Socially, I very much enjoyed the warm company of Einar, Susanne and others of the talented staff of the Unity Center (including three beautiful women: Anja, May, and Lena) at a birthday party for fellow Gemini, Susanne on my last night. The party was held at Einar and Susanne’s lovely home on a peninsula outside of Oslo that reminded me a lot of the Pacific Northwest where I live — lots of forests and scenic waterways (in fact, after the party I took a ferry boat back to my hotel — Oslo’s fjord reminds me of Seattle’s Puget Sound). The party was a warm and joyous affair with a lovely shrimp dinner outside next to their pond, followed by dancing and singing.

Now I have arrived in Denmark, where I will interview a couple of world-class healers and astrologers (see divination.com for my interviewing works).

Man, do I hate this job! More in the next installment …