Entering the Year of the Rabbit

Each new year marks a moment of transition to put the past behind us and embrace the possibility of change and hope for the future. The Western new year celebrations are over, but the Chinese Lunar new year begins January 22, 2023 (the date is different every year, determined by the second full moon after Solstice). According to the Chinese zodiac, each year in a 12-year rotation cycle is assigned an animal. This is the Year of the Rabbit, the gentlest and most tender of the 12 animal signs. 

2022 was a Tiger Year, known for intensity, quick action, power, and ferocity. The year was expected to include sudden disruptions, surprising developments, strong emotions and important decisions—personally, professionally or politically. The transition between the roaring tiger and the milder rabbit can be an abrupt change of pace, since the two signs could not be more different. 2022 might have felt hectic and unstable, but 2023 will bring more time for relaxation and contemplation. Unlike last year’s Tiger year, a more cautious approach will be beneficial now.

The Rabbit is peaceful, gentle, and patient, known for thinking things through calmly and rationally before taking action. Interacting with others requires diplomacy and grace, and the Rabbit has the ability to create and maintain harmonious relationships. It’s a great time for networking and building professional relationships. The Rabbit represents prosperity– career advancement can bring greater wealth–but be sure to consider smart financial moves, avoid impulse buys, and beware of potential scams or frauds. Trust, but verify.

Rabbit years tend to bring out artistic and creative potential, so if you’ve been wanting to take up a new hobby or craft, this is a great time for that. Tap into your inner artist.

There are positives and negatives to all of the zodiac’s characteristics and elements. For instance, rabbits are good at enjoying life, but too much emphasis on individual happiness can be harmful to the community. Being polite and diplomatic is great, but there can also be a tendency to ghost people or become withdrawn in messy or painful situations.

There’s an element associated with each animal as well, and this year continues as a water year. Water in general makes the year more meditative, emotional and empathetic, bringing greater intuition and wisdom. It’s all about trusting our instincts and being in tune with our emotions. Last year, the water softened the Tiger’s fierceness, and this year the water rabbit is even more introspective and sensitive than usual.

Finally, the Rabbit prioritizes self-care and a healthy lifestyle, which helps you cultivate balance to maximize the year’s positive energy and take advantage of the opportunity it brings. Here’s to a calm and restorative 2023!