Getting Older and Winning at Aging

Getting older is unavoidable, but is it possible to avoid the symptoms of aging? Can our choices about what we think and feel—and how we live—propel us into a long and healthy life? It seems there’s more to the question of aging gracefully than just the new fad diet or designer supplement.

Recently, I had the good fortune to interview Dr. John Kalb, a holistic chiropractor and world-class nutritionist, on my Pathways radio show (podcast on Dr. Kalb reminds us that “Aging is required, but symptoms are optional,” and that aside from good nutrition and reasonable exercise, we need purpose and inspiration to live a fulfilling and truly healthy life.

Like myself, Dr. Kalb is a spiritual person who has been known to use the I Ching to help him stay spiritually synchronized, be more creative and make better decisions. You should hear what he has to say about the spiritual dimension of health, as well as the true place of supplements, the “Happiness Project” and the wisdom of the elders. Thank you, Dr. Kalb!

2 thoughts on “Getting Older and Winning at Aging

  1. It’s so true that “we need purpose and inspiration to live a fulfilling and truly healthy life” – for sure we need some sort of soul fuel so to speak. May I also add that we also need a young heart and belief in our own lifelong freshness! I’m sure most of us have met older people who somehow give the impression of a very young person, no matter how many wrinkles; as well as very young people who somehow ‘feel’ old, no matter what great health and skin they possess.

    I’d just like to share a few inspirational instances that I’ve witnessed: my mother, whose youth at nearly 70 is still fuelled by her deep lifelong love for teaching children, and by the belief that she’s still young; a beloved late aunt of mine whose girlish smile and attitude were powered by her immense kindness and light-heartedness; and an old lady I once saw dancing with her husband in a pub, and couldn’t help but admire her youthful smile and upright posture, an optimistic sign that self-confidence can work wonders at any age. It’s really refreshing to see such examples of ever youthful people!

  2. Iam having a lot of trouble getting old,its not what i thought it was going to be like.Not happy no purpose in life have depression,spend a lot of time at doctors , cant get it together ,belive it or not i did have it togther most of my life. there are things that come to hornt you when you get to be still in life ,I think to much,Iam going to have to do a lot of work to find my soul that i know for sure!

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