Happy Birthday Hans Decoz!

Today (May 15) is Hans Decoz’s birthday. I have special reason to celebrate. Ten years ago Hans called me up out of the blue to suggest that Tarot.com develop internet Numerology reports based on his lifelong research as a master numerologist. I asked him why he had chosen us and he replied, “because I like your philosophy and the way you do things at Tarot.com. I would prefer to focus on more of my own research and development rather than creating a business myself.”

He asked if he could come and visit us in Portland OR, where Tarot.com has always been located, and if he could spend some time with me. I agreed and Hans asked me to recommend a hotel in Portland for him to stay for about a week. As the date approached, and Hans and I had spoken a few times on the phone, I told him he didn’t need to stay at a hotel and that he could stay in the guest room at my house. He politely declined, citing his preference for privacy, which I respected.

When Hans came we spent so much time together walking up and down the banks of the Willamette River that we became friends. It got to the point where Hans told me he wanted me to take over his entire software business (decoz.com), which was very flattering to me. But at the end of his stay I turned him down, telling him that I didn’t want to be responsible for his entire livelihood, but that we could do quite well with Numerology reports online.

The rest is history. Hans Decoz is probably the world’s most popular online master of Numerology and has prospered along with Tarot.com for his dedication to authenticity. He is indeed a master numerologist and as noble as a Dutchman can get. Happy Birthday Hans!