How to Channel Creative Power

No need to beg. Whatever your heart desires, you will realize it more easily by means of a skillful invocation. Twenty years ago I developed a Creative Manifestation Treatment based on an old Religious Science template, and use it to facilitate manifesting important desires.

Edit the treatment to make it feel powerful to you. Read it aloud with feeling every morning as you sit on a cushion. Summon divine wisdom to help you fulfill your highest priorities and assume an optimistic attitude of expectancy.

Step 1: Recognition. I humbly acknowledge Creative Power,the universal magnetic energy that unites and makes things whole. Divine power expresses as love, wisdom and courage. It is reflected in the infinite vastness of space, the sun around which earth revolves, the beauty of nature, the joy of love, and every kind of miracle. This unlimited resource operates according to the law of cause and effect that begins with attraction. First the image, then the declaration, and then manifestation. I know there is no limit to the power of divine love.

Step 2: Identification. I am one with Creative Power, which surrounds me and flows through me. My very breathing reminds me of my interconnectedness with all of nature and I can feel it any time I close my eyes. Divine love and wisdom surround me, and go before me, making easy and successful my way. I AM capable of facilitating any results I visualize and feel. I don’t need to know what exact form the results will take, but solutions appear quickly and easily. I deserve what is good for me.

Step 3: Declaration. I declare that I am now enjoying the realization of [my desire]. This feels [liberating, joyous and pleasurable, etc.]

Step 4: Thanksgiving. I give thanks for the fulfillment of [my desire], the joy of which I am feeling even now. I feel strong on my path, I AM confident, full of faith, and my heart is filled with gratitude.

Step 5: Release. I let goof tendencies to worry or interfere by trying to make results take shape in any particular way.I know that the law of cause and effect is operating on this treatment right now, even if my senses have no proof yet. I am attracting [my desire], and [my desire] is attracting me. The manifestation of this, or something better, is in process. Creative Power is synchronistically producing the right results for me in a way and according to a schedule that is perfect. I am letting go of trying to control things and surrender to the good that is my destiny. My “faith” is my psychic sense of the manifesting process that is happening behind the scenes right now.

Step 6: Emotional magnetization. I let myself feel the presence of what I have declared, which is in the process of manifesting. As I let this feeling radiate throughout my entire being, I am becoming magnetic.

Step 7: Action steps. I make the right moves at the right time, starting with better decision-making that taps intuition and intellect and receptivity to good advice. I make and follow up on commitments to myself. In the two-steps-forward, one-step-back dance of life, I am taking good steps in a timely manner. As long as I am tuned into Creative Power, I know I can’t go wrong!