3: Difficulty at the Beginning

The birth of a new venture or relationship is an entry into the unknown. New things seem to be rushing upon you, and confusion can easily take over. However, chaos is a powerful force when you harness it properly, so don’t rush things now. Do not let events overwhelm you. As you take the first step, stay calm and ready to persevere. Ask for guidance and support.

Challenges lie ahead, but they are challenges you can handle. Gain strength, find courage. Like a newborn fawn, the opportunity for rapid development is there; yet it is only through determination that the fawn can rise to its feet and grow to full stature. Keep going despite difficulties and you will find the success that you desire.

A key challenge at this time is to maintain clarity. Avoid lunging at solutions. Do not start a new project or relationship before thinking it through. Make yourself wait until a good course of action becomes clear. A careless step in the beginning can cause events to get out of control later. And be sure to enlist the advice of experienced people and wise supporters.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

The way is blocked for now. Remain determined and act sensibly. Do not hesitate, but do not force things either. You have little power over the situation for the time being, but don’t give up. With a strong spirit and some humility, you will attract the people and knowledge you need soon enough. Seek the advice of someone more experienced than you.

Line 2

When facing obstacles or difficulties, sometimes there is a sudden turn of events. For instance, people who once seemed useless or negative can turn out to be benefactors. Others who you immediately trusted can turn out to be rogues. Even in the case of those who appear to be a new benefactor or ally, be careful not to rush into a match—be it a serious relationship or some other kind of partnership.
It is critical to wait for the right moment, even if this means being patient for a long time before you find the partner you want. Although you enthusiastically look forward to movement, beware of wrong solutions that may appeal to you now—ones that could bring restrictive obligations. For the moment, remain uncommitted. In moving beyond obstacles, maintaining your autonomy is a high priority.

Line 3

To continue what you have been doing would bring regret. Take a close look at your desires—perhaps they are not appropriate. You are like one who gathers mushrooms in a strange forest but fails to bring along a guide to differentiate between what is nourishing and what is poisonous; you are losing your way. A wise person foresees difficulties, realizes when it is foolish to continue alone, and gives up the chase before becoming lost.
When standing on the edge of a cliff, it is better to give up the fantasy of flying than to go for it and crash on the rocks.

Line 4

An unusual opportunity is about to arise. It could involve a bit of embarrassment or other form of self-denial in the beginning, but be humble and seize the opportunity. To accept help in a difficult situation is no disgrace. Try to assess everything properly, and give partners a chance to learn that you are trustworthy.

Line 5

You may find it difficult to grant the big favors that another may expect of you. In this situation, careful behavior can lead to success in minor affairs. An attempt to deal with major issues right now may not succeed. Put your nose to the grindstone. This is a time to work diligently and conscientiously.

Line 6 (top line)

Some people get stuck in the difficulties that arise at the beginning of projects or relationships. They throw up their hands and become cynical about making any effort at all. This is the greatest danger of experiencing difficulty at the beginning: growing pains can be mistaken for a permanent blockage and lead to resignation. Once you give up the struggle, you are like a cart that has lost its horse.