31: Mutual Attraction

The attraction of opposites is a powerful and fundamental force, especially that of a mutual attraction in the beginning stages. In response to the magnetic attraction between two people, the masculine principle (the creative and outgoing) seizes the initiative and then submits to the feminine (the receptive and nourishing). When the assertive is able to defer to the receptive, and when the receptive accepts responsibility and exercises its quiet leadership, an electric and profitable union is the result. This brings good fortune, for all success depends upon the effects of mutual attraction in some form or another.

Consistency is important in matters of mutual attraction, for this is what separates courtship from mere seduction.

If you are an initiator by nature, it is good to make the first move. But you must remain sensitive and highly principled to avoid the temptation to be at all manipulative. Let the power of mutual attraction pull you along. If you are the receptive one, keep your mind innocent and free of pride, so that you may remain open to good advice or helpful assistance. When your influence arises from innocence, a powerful magnetic force is at work for you.

Either way, remaining open to the forces of attraction brings good fortune, and closing yourself off to them shuts down the soul. Learn to yield to the tugs and pulls of the heart.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

In the safety of one’s bed, one wiggles one’s toes. Does this mean this person is about to undertake a long journey? No one knows. The situation is of little importance.

Line 2

If a one person winks and another smiles back, is this grounds for marriage? Hardly. Avoid premature infatuation and hasty action. Waiting patiently for more information and a clearer reason for acting will prevent misfortune.

Line 3

Beware of knee-jerk emotional reactions. When the legs are ruled by the emotions, there is a tendency to rush in all directions. Use your intelligence and the wisdom of your heart to plan your moves carefully, so that your energy is not dissipated and you are not harmed by an unthinking impulse. A balance between heart and mind provides a foundation for better decisions and true freedom.

Line 4

When attraction touches the heart and the spirit moves you, it is of no use to try to stand still. In fact, let nothing stand in your way. Take care, however, to avoid conscious plotting and manipulation, for this will choke off the source of true feeling, leaving you stressed and tired. When you follow your heart, it becomes more likely that the one on whom you focus your thoughts and feelings will follow you in this.

Line 5

Your will remains firm, and wayward influences do not lead to confusion. This indicates the resolve of someone whose beliefs are strongly held. There is no cause for remorse in this. However, a dogged ambition to make progress could become so preoccupying that you no longer listen to positive suggestions or assistance. Do not allow impatience or fear to cause you to lose receptivity to help or good advice.

Line 6 (top line)

Talk is cheap. Mere tongue wagging is a waste of everybody’s time and does not increase the prospects for success. It is ultimately foolish to try to influence people by fluffy or flattering phrases. No amount of talk will alter the fundamental physics of mutual attraction; without a spark, no amount of wind will cause a fire to burn.