40: Deliverance

A feeling of clarity and fresh opportunity follows a thunderstorm, or any time of extreme tension or obstacles. The storm has had the effect of clearing the air and suddenly reducing atmospheric tension. This symbolizes that some kind of deliverance is at hand. In the wake of a storm on land, deliverance can appear in the form of new color and life, which bursts forth in fields and flowers. Following a storm at sea, deliverance could take the form of land itself.

In the realm of human relations, the rain of forgiveness can wash the human landscape clean after a conflicted period of enmity and error. Great clarity of purpose and renewed vigor can follow the healing of old wounds, but care must be taken to avoid accidentally reopening these wounds by moving too quickly. Similarly, it is important to return to normalcy before moving ahead with new plans or projects after periods of stress.

Following the resolution of a difficult situation, your first priority is to return to normal conditions as quickly as possible. Breathe a sigh of relief, but don’t relax completely. It would be a mistake to reawaken the sleeping dogs of the immediate past before the new situation has stabilized. Look ahead. Attend to residual matters that need taking care of, and do so without hesitation. Make a clean sweep of the past and move deliberately. Forgive, forget, and move on to see your fortunes improve.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

Few words are needed—the recent obstacles are being overcome. Now there is peace, so just recuperate and relax. This is a good time to simply be still.

Line 2

The success you enjoy is rooted in your integrity, in contrast to the clever and cunning deceits of some around you. It may be time to consider carefully whom you choose to work or partner with. In light of objective performance standards, do they measure up? Be wary of working with those who do not share your vision or your high standards. Upholding ethics and required levels of performance brings good fortune in the long arc of a career, vocation, or relationship.

Line 3

In overcoming hard times, residues of the past can linger. When making a transition from struggle to success, take care to not drag baggage from the past along with you on the journey. And avoid taking on airs or flaunting newfound good fortune. Those who wear their money on their sleeve soon have little in their pocket!

Line 4

In periods of stagnation, relationships may be formed on the basis of convenience. Since there is little challenge during such a time, not much is demanded of friends and associates. But when important action is required, only the able and trustworthy can be counted on to perform well. Free yourself from the entanglements of random relationships of low value; good fortune comes from intentionally associating with people of talent and integrity. In times of great opportunity or crisis, it is better to have a weak person as an enemy than as an ally.

Line 5

Letting go of negative influences requires inner resolve and strength of character. Weaker people who have attached themselves to stronger ones are not easily shaken off. The only way to free yourself from unwanted or unnecessary associations is to free yourself from them inwardly first. Sooner or later, these associations will get the message and fall away of their own accord. Tolerating unhealthy relationships for too long brings misfortune.

Line 6 (top line)

When your main obstacle is a cunning adversary, forceful removal of that person may be the only option. When such drastic measures are called for, quick, precise action is necessary. As the element of surprise may be critical, discuss your plans only with those who have a real need to know.
The wise and contented human has everything he or she needs to accomplish the task of letting go, whether it applies to a bad habit or situation, or anything that requires immediate removal to assure success.