59: Dispersing

Nothing survives forever—not even rocks or the most rigid of structures. Likewise, all of our obstacles will dissolve in time too. The erosion of that which has been solid is not a bad thing; in fact, it means that something new is in the process of being created. Picture ice floes, hardened in winter and dispersing in the warmth of spring; when the ice melts, a mighty river emerges. This image points to a situation in which small changes produce big results over time.

Rigidity in the hearts of humans breeds an egocentric separateness, but this can be transformed by a greater force, such as an uplifting ceremony or other communal activity. The thawing of closed hearts always improves conditions for everyone.

Before the heart, the first thing to dissolve is any mental rigidity that might be feeding a sense of separation from others. Try to work closely with your friends and compatriots, concentrating on common activities that emanate from your integrity and goodwill. Some slightly dramatic action in support of the greater good might shift energy, lift spirits, and lead to new possibilities.

Spiritual impulses, including a sense of justice, should be honored and acted upon now. Such impulses provide a gentle push toward important and constructive change. If you avoid righteous indignation or aggressive force of any kind, any sense of disunity can be overcome. If you have lingering business or partnerships that are inactive or not working, this reading suggests that you consider dissolving them.

Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

In all significant undertakings, it is critical that dissension be handled quickly. Misunderstandings and feuds that are allowed to linger and fester can rapidly develop into open wounds that affect an entire community or project. Conflicts caused by hidden factors need to be brought to light and dissolved as soon as possible, to avoid further arguments and wasted energy. Once this is done, good fortune awaits.

Line 2

If you sense trouble on the horizon for a group or enterprise, establish firm, reliable channels of communication within the group and with influential people outside of it. Trustworthy information is a powerful asset during a time of rapid dissolution, whether it’s the dissolving of an enterprise or a relationship. Once things are clear, regrets will fall away, along with obstructions.

Line 3

Sometimes, in the course of a great work, it is important to let go of any thought of self or any desire for personal reward. Look within yourself for what may be causing an obstacle or problem. Losing yourself in the work—if the work is vital—is an excellent way to let go of regrets.

Line 4

When a partnership or group’s bond is dissolving, only by rising above self-centered interests can much of value be achieved. Take the high ground and greater good fortune will result!

Line 5

Crisis can mean opportunity but only when like-minded people are organized behind an inspiring ideal. This is especially true in chaotic situations or during disorganized times, when energies and resources have become scattered. Immense energy and generosity are needed at such times to seize the moment and rally others behind a common cause. If you are not in alignment with the greater good of all, you will become a victim of the chaos.

Line 6 (top line)

This line refers to those who choose to tiptoe around a dangerous situation to save others who are important to them or to take them a safe distance from damaging influences. But before you move at all, consider the consequences of any action carefully. When treading through a minefield, it furthers one to stay alert and think on one’s feet.