Living From the Inside Out

Living from the Inside Out is the tentative title of the new book I’m writing (my first was entitled Divination — see my non-profit for reviews, etc). This next one teaches the intricacies of my Manifestation Practice — a system that goes beyond the Law of Attraction to include making the right moves at the right time.

One of the ways we make the wrong moves and the wrong time is by living from “the outside in” — i.e. trying to get our needs met from “out there,” trying to reach out, grab and pull in whatever it is we desire — whether that be love or one of thousands of love substitutes (aka addictions).

Grabbing for external rewards is always the wrong move, if only because it reinforces our notion that we are lacking — when in truth the essence of everything we desire can be found within us. If we feel that we lack love, for instance, rather than trying to get it from outside, we have another option. We can generate it from inside and give it to ourselves as well as others. When we learn to generate love to get love, we become radiant and attractive and then, ironically, it starts flowing to us from outside too!