Love the Job You’re With

Dear Paulo, I have a mental dilemma that I could use some help or guidance in understanding. I am a business coach who loves what he does. I have put a lot of time, money and focus on being a business coach and have many years of experience being in business.

Currently I’m not making enough income to sustain myself and family through coaching and have been offered a sales position that is unrelated, but which I know I will be good at, and which will produce the income necessary to sustain our lives. My “dilemma” is that I would prefer to be a coach yet do not have the income to sustain that and have a fear that I’d be giving up on my dream by taking this position. I will do the right thing for the sake of my family yet cannot get over the sense that my dream will be on hold.

– Jacob, Tiburon CA

Jacob, your vision has a lot to do with what it looks like to be a “business coach” in your mind’s eye. Instead, try focusing on the essence of what you love about coaching, not the image of yourself doing it. I suspect the essence of your desire has to do with helping others. If so, remember that you can be a helpful “coach” in any situation or job – especially sales, where presumably you are providing a good solution for the right people who may need help to understand its value for them.

If you take this attitude, you will not lose out on anything. Your needs are always being met, even if the universe insists on a form that better supports your family right now. Focus on the essence of what you want, not the form. Don’t try to control your destiny. Remember the old expression: “You pedal, It steers.” In this case you can have it all. So, get pedaling and make some money … and congratulations on finding a job!