Deceased Husband’s Love

Dear Paulo, My husband recently died after a long battle with cancer. What I would like to know is will my husband continue to be able to guide me? Where can I go to feel his answers? I miss his presence and strength yet I feel his love.

-– Cynde, Rancho Santa Fe CA

What a beautiful question … your love shines through … and what a blessing to have experienced a true love in this lifetime!

Most of us have beliefs about death and the hereafter, and I suppose our faith must be our reality in that department. In any case, I am reminded of the counsel my spiritual teacher Mataji Indra Devi would offer the bereaved: “Do your best to let them go, let them move on,” she would say. “It can be hard to complete the grieving process, but it is best to set them free to move into their next dimension, rather than holding them back with your emotional needs.” Mataji was a wise mystic, who had lost two husbands in her own long life, speaking from nine decades of personal experience at the time.

Don’t worry … your husband will always be in your heart and that is where to turn for the answers you need going forward. Now your soul is calling upon you to trust yourself like you trusted him. It’s the best of both worlds — you can feel your husband’s love whenever you want, and let it support you in learning to love and trust yourself!

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  1. Paulo after all this time I still refer to your answer to my question. Just wanted you to know it helped and comforted me. When I search my heart his answer is always there. Thank you.

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