My Simple Brother

In this moment of writing, I am happily ensconced in a rustic studio on a fresh little trout pond in the Santa Ynez valley (CA), where I am visiting one of my (3) younger brothers. First of all, this part of the world is gorgeous … I had no idea that going 30 miles inland from Santa Barbara on the beautiful California coast would take one to such a majestic broad valley fed by streams and ocean breezes.

Played golf with bro Mark on Saturday, before taking him and his wife Pam, and my good friend, Evelyn Roberts the astrologer (best phone readings ever 🙂 to a lovely dinner in a former stagecoach inn. Great fun as they teased me about still being single and dating a woman half my age. I guess the ribbing was fair, considering that when they announced last year that they were getting married — after living together for some 12 years — I emailed my 50 y/o brother back, counseling him “this is a big move, bro … don’t rush it!”

Musing now, on Sunday morning, about the meaning of this weekend for me, I realize how this time with my brother has helped me see deeper aspects of my Self (capital ‘S’), as reflected by his very different personality and his family life (including the sweetest adopted daughter).

Yes, my younger bro is a sweet, loving man. Generous to a fault (I accuse him of codependency), he lives his life in an intelligently simple way — pretty much according to the Golden Rule as far as I can tell. How gloriously simple he is (and smart too)! As one of the recipients of his big-heartedness, I am grateful to think that I must be a little bit like him (at least I hope so :-).