The Other Side of the Microphone

In my previous blog post about interviews, I referred to my being the host of KBOO Community Radio‘s Pathways program. In this blog, I’m going to share about my own appearances in support of my latest book, as well as my talks about the I Ching.

Nowadays I find myself on the other side of the microphone as the person who is trying to help people make better decisions via my latest book, the best-selling Great Decisions, Perfect Timing. It’s gratifying to see that there is an appetite for the book and its message, which includes some interest in online classes that we are in the process of developing.

When I invested everything I had in developing I Ching software back in 1989, my peers thought I was crazy. The only excuse I could offer at the time was, “Wherever God drags me, I will follow.” Now I’m finding myself invited (not quite dragged) into the limelight through media interviews and public readings. Even though I don’t have a huge desire to promote myself, the response that Great Decisions, Perfect Timing is receiving tells me that I should step up to the microphone.

Readers have responded warmly to the personal stories in my book. Many have been inspired by how I walked away from a high-paying, VP-level job in the tech industry to pursue my desire for greater creative freedom designing esoteric software that had special meaning for me. However, I signal a note of caution. Some think that the lesson is to simply “follow their muse out of love” and shuck their jobs right away. But after I left my full-time position, I kept up a “day job” as a high-tech marketing consultant for years in order to fund my creative pursuits. Greater creative freedom takes commitment, discipline, and sacrifice. The happy ending to my business story certainly did not happen overnight!

The warm and enthusiastic response to this particular story (and many others in the book) signals a natural drive for greater creative freedom. When I advise people not to quit their day job (just yet), I remind them of how grateful we should be for any creative freedom at all. As recently as 250 years ago, we had no freedom to choose our profession, where we live, even who we marry. You are probably living a high level of creative freedom right now. The desire for even greater creative freedom is positive, however, because this desire drives personal and cultural evolution. It gets better!

If you listen to any of the radio show I’ve been interviewed for, I hope that you find them worthwhile and enjoyable. My recent interview on the Dr. Pat Show (with Pat Baccili) is a great introduction to these podcasts if you haven’t had a chance to hear them yet. You can listen to this and all of my recent interviews on the Resources page of the Divination Foundation website.

Note: All the proceeds from Great Decisions, Perfect Timing and the best-selling Visionary I Ching app go to the non-profit Divination Foundation.