One happy family in Denmark

On my last evening in Aarhus, Denmark, I had the honor of celebrating the 25th marriage anniversary of Dorthe and Caspar Koch, my hosts in this lovely Danish city by the sea, along with their three college-aged children and a couple of their girlfriends. The food of the creative french restaurant wasn’t the only thing that was fine!

In addition to the exquisite cuisine, I felt abundantly privileged to feel a part of an extended family that is so alive and free in their loving regard for one other. Having come from a troubled family, I can see the link between their joyful relatedness and the enduring love that my two friends, the parents, have sustained in their marriage over 25 years, which is still very much alive. Not only are parents like this such a blessing for children … but the enduring passionate love between a man and a woman is a rare blessing for the whole world in my opinion.

So real is the tender regard and high esteem in which Caspar and Dorthe continue to hold each other, it is easy to see. And how beautifully their love shines through in the warmth and maturity and good humor of their offspring Joon, Theis and Maya!

Twenty-eight years ago I met Dorthe in an ashram in India and we traveled to visit a few other ashrams together, a few years before she tied the knot with Caspar. She told me about this man she was getting to know back home in Denmark. As a friend, my intuition told me it was karmically correct for her to complete the cycle with Caspar.

Twenty-eight years later, I am grateful that I have been alive long enough to witness and learn from such a profound long-term relationship cycle that I am witness to here. For 25 years, in a partnership consisting of two artists, this couple has held it together, sustained their affection for each other, and raised three healthy, intelligent and positive young adults. All I can say is “Bravo … there is hope for love!”