Daniel Stacy Barron: Enheartenment

Daniel Stacy Barron speaks about the emoto-spiritual paradigm of Theohumanity. He is the originator of Emotional Body Enlightenment (EBE), and founder of Project Theohumanity. Daniel has been an EBE facilitator for over fifteen years providing personal, couple, & group intensives. He also offers weekend or week-long Theohumanity teaching seminars. After his awakening to the nondual in Zen Buddhism, Daniel saw how neither traditional nor modern psychospiritual paths understood the nature or significance of the emotional body and its seminal contribution to spiritual maturity. He is the author of There’s No Such Thing as a Negative Emotion, and Enheartenment.


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2 thoughts on “Enheartenment

  1. I just finished reading ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Negative Emotion.’ The book gave me insights into my own process, and left me with an overall feeling of hope that someone has understanding of what I’ve gone through so far. Twenty years ago, I had a nervous breakdown in which my subpersonas broke through and I had to be institutionalized. The abuse of my early years happened at such a young age, I was good for nothing once I started re-experiencing the pain. Unfortunately, the mental institutes I went to weren’t very helpful. I’ve been through Bioenergetic and NeoReichian therapies. They were helpful, but not to the degree to which I need. I would love to find a Theohumanity facilitor with whom I could undergo farther healing somewhere near San Francisco.

  2. Hi James…

    I commend you on your work….the emotional arena – very mysterious.
    Were you able to find a facilitator in the SF area? I’d like to know and maybe others here would also. Contact info?


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