Pathways for October 22, 2023: Psanctum – Tom Hatsis

Tom Hatsis is the Executive Director of Psanctum, a nonprofit psychedelic education and harm reduction organization in Portland, OR.  Psanctum Thrift is a project of Psanctum, which is the first non-profit thrift store to align itself with, and contribute to, the growing field of psychedelic-assisted therapy, a form of treatment that can address the root causes that lead many people to paths of addiction—not to mention PTSD, depression and anxiety— and, at times, houselessness.

Tom is also a psychedelic historian and author of The Witches’ Ointment, Psychedelic Mystery Traditions, Microdosing Magic, and LSD: The Wonderchild. When not studying psychedelics, Tom enjoys employing them in witchcraft and personal alchemy.

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