Pathways for Jan. 29, 2023: Psychedelic History and Culture – Thomas Hatsis

Thomas Hatsis is an author and public speaker in psychedelic history and culture with four books to his credit and three more on the way. He has appeared on the GaiamTV shows “Beyond Belief with George Noory,” “Psychedelica,” and “Open Minds with Regina Meredith” and in the cannabis documentary Kaneh Movie. He has articles published inPsyPress UK and the Journal of Psychedelic Studies. Along with Eden Woodruff, he co-directs Psanctum, a non-profit education and harm reduction organization in Portland, OR, which curates the Psanctum Psychedelic Library, organizes the Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference, and hosts the weekly Psanctum Open Mic. In 2023, Psanctum expanded its efforts to include a thrift store that will use proceeds to help defray the costs of psychedelic-assisted therapy in Portland.

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