David Richo: Triggers

David Richo, Ph.D., is the author of the new book, Triggers: How We Can Stop Reacting and Start Healing. Dave is psychotherapist, writer, and workshop leader. He is a prolific author of almost 30 books. He teaches at a variety of places including Esalen and Spirit Rock Buddhist Center. He shares his time between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, California. Dave combines psychological and spiritual perspectives in his work.


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One thought on “Triggers

  1. I enjoyed this interview so much. TRIGGERS, are many different things to many people. I know that my particular TRIGGERS were not addressed here, but the ways to forward them are the same. Paul, I am so impressed by you as the Interviewer! This is my first time listening. Your knowledge of the book TRIGGERS was so thorough. Your sharing, of your understanding about the subject matter and your deference to Dave Richo was so beautifully honest, vulnerable and astute.

    I do believe you are The Star Interviewer!

    Yep! I got three of them there! 😠➡️🤔➡️😊

    Your fan,
    Annette L Flowers/ALF

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