Chinese Communists to Publish Paul O’Brien’s Modern I Ching — 

The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes

Portland, Oregon [January 2018].  Paul O’Brien, author of The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making, announces that Huaxia Publishing House, a state-owned publisher in Beijing, China will publish and distribute a Mandarin translation of his modern version of the great Taoist classic. The contract was signed September 2017. The projected date of the Chinese book’s launch is January 2019.

The Visionary I Ching is a modern and elegantly illustrated adaptation of the 3000 year-old Taoist classic known as the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Much more than one of the world’s oldest books, it is a system to stimulate the intuition around problems that logic can’t handle, to help leaders and individuals think outside the box in order to manage change, make strategic decisions, improve timing and reduce stress. The Visionary I Ching is a masterful modern adaptation that adds an evocative painting by Joan Larimore for each of the 64 hexagrams. O’Brien’s text is a modernized upgrade of the archaic patriarchal language, while striving to preserve the essence of the Taoist classic’s timeless wisdom and advice.

Paul O’Brien has a distinguished career that has involved consulting and teaching the principles and uses of the I Ching. O’Brien created the first I Ching software program in 1989, called “Synchronicity” after Carl Jung’s famous principle that describes how it works. That was followed by the “Oracle of Changes” I Ching CD-ROM in 1997, and the website which featured an online interactive I Ching. The website eventually added and astrology that all served AOL, Yahoo and other large sites. O’Brien’s entrepreneurial venture—Visionary Software Inc.—began with the Synchronicity program and its embedded Visionary I Ching, which intersected ancient Taoist wisdom with Jungian psychology, America’s cultural revolution of the 1960’s, computers and the Internet.

After spending decades refining the I Ching for his use as an intuitive decision-making aid, Paul O’Brien was honored to have been invited to China in 2017 to speak at a conference and chat about the psychology of his Visionary I Ching with PhD students focusing on Taoism at the China Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing.

Like O’Brien’s speeches themselves, the publishing of a western I Ching book by a Communist-owned publishing house is emblematic of an emerging personal growth movement in Chinese culture. After almost 70 years of suppressing spiritual and religious viewpoints, Chinese society is opening up to Taoism and its great classics like the Tao Te Ching and The Book of Changes.

“On my trip to China, I observed a rapidly growing appetite for personal growth and higher consciousness and a greater openness to non-theistic philosophies like Taoism, which is native to China. It makes sense that the Chinese people would look to their own cultural heritage … and take advantage their own unique invention of the I Ching … and come to see it as a useful way to stimulate the intuition in order to improve decision-making,” observed Paul O’Brien. “It’s a sign of cultural evolution that the authorities are able to differentiate between mere superstition and a psychologically sound methodology that represents their own native way of succeeding in the world.”

O’Brien’s more recent book Intuitive Intelligence: Make life-changing decisions with perfect timing (out Sept 2019) is part how-to manual for intuitive decision-making, part holistic philosophy, and part autobiography of an entrepreneur’s path to success. This book shows how nothing affects the probability of our success and happiness more than the quality of the decisions we make. The philosophy and practices in this book provide a catalyst for manifesting success in all areas of life, ultimately achieving a synchronistic lifestyle marked by abundance and joy—by means of a discriminating intuition and the sublime development of a superior sense of timing. The book includes a chapter on the skillful use of the I Ching to improve timing and decision-making.

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Intuitive Intelligence: Make life-changing decisions with perfect timing

Available September 10, 2019.  Pre-order here!

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Professional Notes about Paulo

  • Began publishing multimedia software in 1989 (when disks were floppy)
  • Founded Visionary Software in 1989
  • Executive Director of Oregon Multimedia Alliance (1995-1997)
  • Founded Visionary Networks (1998)
  • Produced the world’s largest astrology and divination website (2001)
  • Founded the Divination Foundation educational non-profit (2007)
  • Published The Visionary I Ching as an illustrated E-book (2014)
  • Published Visionary I Ching as an App (2014)
  • Launched Great Decisions, Perfect Timing book (Feb 19, 2015)

Fun Facts

  • Trained as a meditation teacher (1983)
  • Ordained as a New Thought Minister (1990)
  • Became a proud grandpa! (June 13, 2007)


The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making

(Visionary Networks Press, 2013/ ISBN: 978-0-9795425-1-0)

The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making is a modernized and beautifully illustrated adaptation of the ancient Taoist divination system known as the I Ching, or Book of Changes (paintings by Joan Larimore). It is a system for the cultivation of predictive intelligence, to help leaders and individuals manage accelerating change in an age of anxiety, make strategic professional and relationship decisions, improve timing and reduce stress. Paul O’Brien’s The Visionary I Ching is a masterful adaption complete with an original evocative painting by Joan Larimore for each of the 64 chapters, or hexagrams. The text upgrades the ancient oracle’s traditional patriarchal and militarist language, while carefully preserving the essence of strategic decision-making wisdom derived more from a Taoist than Confucian perspective

The I Ching has a 3000-year history with emperors, sages and leaders utilizing the divination system for strategic decision-making, especially in times of great change and uncertainty. Use of the I Ching stimulates the intuition for more skillful and creative decisions. This ancient classic is a sourcebook of practical wisdom that can be used to manage the changes and challenges of these chaotic times, as people look for solutions to confusing problems and dilemmas.



Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God

(Visionary Networks Press, 2007/ ISBN: 978-0-9795425-0-3)

Divination, the Book

Divination shows how ancient divination systems (like the I Ching) can help people make better decisions for better relationships, greater success and less stress. O’Brien shows how you can stimulate your intuition to think “outside the box” around problems that logic can’t handle — including the biggest personal and professional decisions you need to make in a timely manner. Divination explains how divination systems work, their history, psychology (as illuminated by Carl Jung), and how to use them to make the right moves at the right time.