The Creative Manifestation Treatment

a self-guided meditation for manifesting whatever you want

The Creative Manifestation Treatment is a powerful invocation that serves as a guided meditation to help you facilitate the manifestation of any profound desire. Based on the work of Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement in the early 20th century, Paul O’Brien adapted and expanded it in the late 1980s, adding two additional steps to support decision-making and making the right efforts at the right time. It provides a way to channel the supreme archetype of Creative Power in concert with your own conscious efforts.

Follow the instructions below. Make it a daily practice to attract whatever you want and allow yourself to receive it. It is recommended that you sit and read your treatment aloud to yourself every morning before you start the business of your day.

Getting Started

  1. Download the template of the Manifestation Practice meditation treatment here: Manifestation Treatment Template for download. (Note: some browsers may require you to right-click or control-click to “Save Link As”…) Once you have it saved on your computer, open it in Microsoft Word (or any other word-processing program that can open MS Word files).
  1. Edit for personalization. Using word processing, fill in the document’s blanks stating your specific desire, etc. Substitute your favorite language and terms for things like “Creative Power” (i.e. “God,” if you prefer). Do as much editing as you want to clarify the expression of your intention and make the treatment feel right to you, in your own words, etc. Make the document as long as you like, but do not leave out any of the steps.
  2. Edit and re-edit this file as many times as you like. Make it grow better and better — the act of editing and improving it for yourself helps you to incorporate its meaning into your mind and life – and it’s fun! Whenever you want to use it, print it out in a font that is large enough for you to easily read.

Your Creative Manifestation Meditation

Do this manifestation practice daily as part of the beginning of your waking day.

  1. Sit and breathe. Find a comfortable meditation sitting position, with your back fairly straight, tailbone stable. If you need to lean against a wall or something, that is OK, but our minds tend to be sharper when we are in a balanced sitting (or standing) position rather than reclining. Sit and take at least three deep breaths, making an “ah” sound on each exhale (the Sanskrit “Om” syllable is also an excellent sound for this).
  2. Read your personalized treatment to yourself, taking the time to understand each word as your read out loud.
  3. Sit and breathe again, as you let your intentions create Emotional Magnetism.
  4. Feel the bliss of being spiritually magnetic through the clarity of your expressed intention and emotionally magnetic through the infectious power of your feeling. Relax, just sitting and breathing in this magnetic state for as long as you can.
  5. Make an intention to take this attractive consciousness with you throughout your day.