In Loving Memory of Sid Brewster

A Recording of the Zoom Memorial Service for Sid Brewster. September 13, 2020.

If you wish to save a copy of this movie, you can download a file of the memorial* (1.25 GB Quicktime movie file).

Order of Ceremony
Officiant’s Welcome
Eulogy by Fred Best, brother
Eulogy by Paul O’Brien, friend
Officiant’s Closing

Sid Brewster Memorial Slideshow

you can click on this link to download a Quicktime movie file of the slideshow.

One thought on “Sid

  1. A note from Todd Brewster (son):
    I wish to thank all whom attended father’s memorial and will eventually learn how to send them an email. For now please extend my appreciation to Paul and family, Diane, and Eleanor, the Davidsons, and most importantly Elisabeth whom has been there for him so strong.

    My dad arranged a ride in a ford tri motor airplane for me on my 6th birthday. His client Erving Pertlitch owned this plane. It sat in a museum with many rare airplanes. A year ago I discovered Universal Studios rented that trimotor for the film Raiders of the Lost Ark from dad’s friend Erv. At the time of the production of that movie, Erv owned the only one in the world that ran well enough and was available. This is just one day of thousands of days with my dad that were equally significant.

    So today when Burt said he will miss doing projects with Dad it really registered. So please tell Burt, from three motor airplanes to three piston cars (like the geo metro). I remained silent today by way of operator error on my part. And this is something like what I wanted to say, just could not find the write switch. Burt thank you for being an inventor, test pilot, shop supervisor and much more, doing things that dad loved. Oh and hope you got all your fingers left ha ha.
    much gratitude,

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