Synchronicity or wishful thinking?

Dear Paulo,
I am wondering if you can give me any insights to the meaning of ‘synchronicity.’ I recently met someone who is unavailable that I have developed a deep connection to. I have never experienced this level of connection to someone I barely know. I have had many synchronistic events occur to me that seem to make me unable to clear this person from my mind. His initials show up everywhere, as well as his age, birth date, name, the town he lives in, songs — you name it — I’ve experienced it. These occurrences have happened almost daily over many months. Any insights you may have will be appreciated. Thank you.

– Beth
North Plainfield NJ (Age range: 40-49)

Either this is what they mean when they talk about life being magic, or you are obsessed with an unobtainable object of desire (you did say he is “unavailable”, right)? You will find out which it is soon enough. In the meantime, let me applaud you for noting all the synchronicities … what fun! In this case, they are being noticed because of a particular love interest, but the experience is also a reminder that synchronicities, or ‘meaningful coincidences,’ are happening in all parts of our lives, every day, usually overlooked. Perhaps the everyday variety are more casual, but these are the “signs and omens” referred to in scriptures (and one can only wonder how much of what they saw back then was attributable to wishful thinking! :-).

“Synchronicity” means that all things are interconnected — not only in space, but in time. As we view a person’s birth chart/horoscope wheel in astrology, for instance, we are reading a map of a moment in time. Everything in any given situation is related to everything else in that situation in terms of timing (i.e. dancing), as well as substance. Using divination systems like Tarot or the I Ching (my favorite), the timing is right now and the reading offers advice that is jumping out of of the substance of timeless wisdom.

Why not add some “applied synchronicity” in the form of an I Ching reading or two? An authentic I Ching or Tarot reading is reflective of whatever you are focused on when you cast the coins or shuffle the cards (or if you use the energetically-authentic techniques on The best thing about the activation of the Synchronicity Principle via an interactive divination experience is that we should get some rather specific advice — a good idea whether to make some move, stay still and do nothing for a while, or take a strategic retreat from whatever situation we are referring to.

It’s great fun that you are getting so many signals from the universe about this guy, but I think you know not to read too much into what might be a lot of projections reflecting your attraction and desires, after all. (Have you ever bought a new car and then start seeing signs of them all over?) In any case, this is a good opportunity to learn something important about yourself, or get to know someone who could play a role in your life, even if indirectly.

Cast the I Ching. I’ll bet it will nudge you to try to get to know him without overloading the process with too many expectations (i.e. wishful thinking). Here’s wishing you a fun educational adventure!