Tad Mann’s visit to Tarot.com

A.T. ‘Tad’ Mann, one of Tarot.com’s interesting authors, came to visit us this last week from his home in Hudson, NY. Tad is the author of Tarot.com’s Astro-Location Feng Shui report and our Mandala Astrological Tarot report, based on two of the more than 20 books he has written in his illustrious career as an architect, astrologer and writer. He is now working on a new Reincarnation Report, which promises to be a good one!

While Tad was in town Jessica Abel, Tarot.com’s GM, wanted he and I to interview each other on videotape, which was a blast. Be sure to stay tuned to Tarot.com (or my non-profit Divination.com website where I will soon also podcast a 1/2 hour audio of Tad) for the results.

Tad is so smart and has so much accumulated wisdom, he is one of the pioneers of what I refer to as ‘hybrid’ divination systems. His Mandala Astrological Tarot, which started out as a book and very special Tarot deck, has become quite popular on Tarot.com. It is an ingenious melding of Astrology and Tarot, both of which Tad has written entire books on. Another example of an AT Mann ‘divination hybrid’ is his Astro-Location Feng Shui report, which melds astrology and Feng Shui (a cool spiritual discipline for an architect). It’s really an inspiration to hang out with a genius — thanks for coming, Tad!